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Guidance & Support

  • See the Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) on the FAQ ERP page
  • Call the triage centre for further help - 01743 253030 (live from 1st April)
  • Log an issue - Use the Business World Issue Report Sheet document attached on this page, and send to
  • Send an email to the ERP triage centre -
  • See E-Learning material on Leap into Learning, for easy to follow videoS
  • PLEASE NOTE - Your password for Buisness World is in the format of your National Insurance Number with your year of birth e.g. LLNNNNNNLYYYY 


We now invite you to access the new Business World solution, instructions on how to log in are attached to this email, they can also be found on the ERP intranet page.

For the majority of you, you will be accessing the system via the web.

You can use the link below:

If the above link does not work please use copy and paste, it is also stored on the quick link on the intranet page.

What shall I do first?

Any annual leave that you have booked from the 1st of January 2019 will need to be entered into the new system, to ensure that your balances are up to date. Your line manager will be checking the amount booked and will be sent for approval. As the data is not stored in a consistent and accessible way the data can’t be loaded into the new system.

  • Enter in any relatives and emergency contact details which is currently not being held.
  • Check your personal details such as your bank details, address etc, your assigned work schedule (your working hours) and that your line manager is correct.
  • Start your business as Usual in line with April deadline dates, including the Payroll deadline of the 5th April.