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Schools Travel

The Schools Travel Policy was introduced in 2005. 

The aims of the scheme are to:

  • achieve consistency in the way in which schools insure their activities
  • avoid the possibility of a school forgetting to arrange insurance
  • maximise the purchasing power of schools by negotiating discounted rates

The annual premium is based on pupil numbers. This non-adjustable premium incorporates the following benefits:

  • world-wide cover for all activities authorised/organised by the school outside of their boundaries (without the need to submit declarations)
  • premium based on pupil numbers, but cover also applies to staff, Governors & any other accompanying adult authorised to undertake a journey
  • no premium loading or referral required for hazardous activities
  • cover extends to staff appraising potential venues, courses & conferences
  • 24 hour international emergency assistance
  • assistance re: pre-travel advice on visa, driving & vaccination requirements and information on climate, currency, hotels, travel & healthcare facilities
  • no returns required for trips

The majority of Shropshire schools have now joined the travel scheme.

Several claims have been made this year and all have been settled satisfactorily and in a very timely manner by the insurers. The feedback from schools involved in the scheme is excellent and has saved schools a considerable amount of both time and money.