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The Risk, Insurance & Resilience Team have produced a number of documents to guide people about the process of risk management and insurance, and the work that the team does. They are explained in detail on this page or alternatively you can contact the relevant team.

Cold Weather Advice (see below for relevant documents)

As we are now approaching the winter months we have produced a leaflet with input from several Council Teams providing advice on:

  • Salting and salt supply,
  • Emergency closures/Snowline,
  • Protecting your property, including checklist,
  • Preventing insurance claims,
  • Vehicle maintenance, including checklist,
  • School meals,
  • Business continuity.

Risk Management and Insurance Handbook for Schools

The Handbook is a practical guide around a school's risk management and insurance arrangements compiled of the following sections:

Opportunity Risk Management Strategy

This document sets out a different approach to managing the risks of the Council. By recognising the opportunities we wish to take advantage of, we can identify and manage the risks which will stop us achieving these benefits.

Please click on the link for the Opportunity Risk Management Strategy 2018.