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Welcome to the page that will keep you up to date with the latest developments not only in the risk management and insurance world, but also the Risk, Insurance & Resilience Team.

IMPORTANT: Ministry of Justice Reforms

On 1 April 2013 the Ministry of Justice changed the way that personal injury liability claims are dealt with and this has a big impact on the way the council deals with the claims it receives.

There is now a reduction in the time allowed for investigations to be completed.  This was reduced from three months down to 30 working days.

Therefore, we need to be able to make quick and reliable decisions on claims at a very early stage, and make sure that our claims documentation is comprehensive, detailed and accurate and made available to insurers as quickly as possible when a claim is received.

All service areas that receive an insurance claim must notify the insurance team immediately and complete and return a claim form together with supporting documentation within five working days.

We appreciate that this is a tight deadline, but it is one that must be met so that our insurers have enough time to consider the claim, seek further information, visit the website, talk to witnesses etc., before they can make a decision about liability.

You can find more detailed information about these changes by viewing the Ministry of Justice Reforms document


For all details of training sessions provided by the Risk, Insurance & Resilience Team, please follow the link to the team's training page.

As we are now approaching the Winter months we have produced a Cold Weather Advice document (please see below for relevant document), with input from several Council teams providing advice on:

  • salting and salt supply,
  • emergency closures/snowline,
  • protecting your property, including checklist,
  • preventing insurance claims,
  • vehicle maintenance, including checklist,
  • school meals,
  • business continuity.

Opportunity Risk Management Strategy

The Opportunity Risk Management Strategy sets out a different approach to managing the risks of the Council.