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Insurance FAQs

We have been asked for proof of our Public Liability/Employers Liability insurance, how do we obtain this?

The letter from the Council's Insurance Brokers which will provide the information you require.

As a council there is no legal requirement for us to take out liability insurance, but at Shropshire Council we chose to do so. As such we do not have to display proof of our insurance in our buildings.


What is the position with regards to work experience placements?

Where a member of the Council’s staff is going on a work placement to another establishment, other than Shropshire Council, then the manager must ensure that the other company has proper public liability insurance and a copy of the certificate should be obtained.

Where a person is coming to work at the Council, they will be covered under our public liability insurance. You may be asked to provide documentation to support our own liability policy, and you can obtain a copy of the relevant documentation from the Risk Management and Insurance Team.

Are we covered for theft and vandalism?

No, the Council have opted not to take out theft and vandalism cover, as in the main this would only be a pound swapping exercise with Insurers. The only area where theft and vandalism are covered is for schools under their own Theft and Vandalism Scheme which is a self funded scheme which schools have the option to buy into if they so wish. This is run by the Children & Young People’s Finance team.

Are we covered for the theft of laptops when these are taken home?

We do not have theft cover and therefore laptops would not be covered. However, the school’s Theft & Vandalism scheme may consider the theft of laptops in certain circumstances.

How much Public Liability Insurance must contractors have in place?

If you are employing the services of a contractor or third party, then you must ensure that they hold a minimum of £5million Public Liability insurance. It does not depend on the size of the contractor; a small one band company could cause as much damage as a large contractor.

Are Volunteers covered under our insurance?

Volunteers are covered under our Public Liability Insurance the same as any member of the public and therefore if they are injured as a result of the negligence of the Council, there would be cover available.

Does the Council’s insurance cover my own vehicle if it becomes damaged whilst on Shropshire Council property?

No, your car should be insured by yourself and you will have to claim against your own motor insurance.

Does the Council’s insurance cover my car when I am using it for business use?

No, you must ensure that your car is insured for business use on your own insurance. If you submit a travel claim for expenses then you are declaring on the form that you have insured your car for business use.

If I lose personal property whilst at work, is there any cover under the Council’s insurance?

No, it is incumbent upon people to take due care and attention of their personal belongings whilst at work. All mobile phones, handbags etc should be kept out of sight when you are away from your desk and should not be left unattended.

If I suffer injury or damage to my property as a direct result of my work, but it is not the result of anybody’s negligence, can I make a claim?

There is no cover available under the Council’s insurance arrangements as there has not been any negligent act. However, you are able to make a request for consideration of an ex gratia payment.

To do this you must put your request in writing, via your manager, and this should be forwarded to the Insurance Team. When it is confirmed that it is not an insurance issue, your request will be passed to the Head of Legal & Democratic for their decision as to whether or not the circumstances warrant an ex gratia payment. If they are of the opinion that an ex gratia payment is in order, then the request will be forwarded to the Director of Resources for their final decision.

There is no guarantee that an ex gratia payment will be made and each case will be judged on its own merits.

Is there cover for money when kept on the premises?

Yes there is cover, but different limits apply depending on whether the money is being kept in a locked safe or any other locked receptacle. Please note that there is an endorsement on our policy which states that the keys to the safe must be removed from the premises at the close of the day. If the keys are left on the premises then no cover will be given.

Can I use a Shropshire Council minibus for my own personal use?

No, our motor insurance only covers vehicles when they are being used on Shropshire Council business. You would have to hire a vehicle from a commercial company in the normal manner.

Are we covered for Medical Treatment?

Please click here to see a list of Medical Treatments which are covered under our insurance.

For anything not mentioned, please contact the Insurance Team for advice.