Supply Teacher Information


The preferred supplier arrangement in place with Protocol Education to provide supply teachers to Shropshire schools came to an end on 31 August 2019.

The arrangement with Protocol was for them to charge and invoice the schools a fixed day rate fee in addition to the scale rate paid to the teacher. Teachers’ pay, plus a pension contribution, was then processed through the Shropshire Council payroll.

As of 1 September 2019, all payroll processing for supply teachers working in Shropshire schools will be provided by the agency engaged by the school and/or the individual is registered to work through. There will no longer be a contribution to the Teachers’ Pension Scheme (TPS) from Shropshire Council, but the employing agency will make any appropriate pension payments to an alternative scheme.

Schools can work with any agency they choose – to include a provider not listed below – and all schools will be free to advise the agency what they want to pay a supply teacher.  This may be scale rate or what the agencies call ‘market rate’.

Alternatively, schools may want to directly engage a supply teacher via a casual appointment.  This means that a teacher will be paid at the rate set by the school (in line with their pay policy), but minus the day rate or fee. Within this arrangement, there will, of course, be a contribution to TPS by the employing school.

Please find below a list of agencies who have agreed to confirm their fixed day rate fee (which may include on-costs and profit margin) and ensure the pay rate to the teacher is listed separately on the invoice, as negotiated directly with the school.

Agencies have been asked to communicate to us any changes to their fees and charges so that their entry can be updated.

If you have any general question or query about engaging supply teachers, please speak to your HR Business Partner.

For information on casual appointments, please contact Employment Services via

***PLEASE NOTE*** Shropshire Council does not endorse or approve any of the agencies listed below. There is no ‘preferred supplier’ agency.

Please notify your HR Business Partner of any agency fees which are not listed correctly.

Schools should continue to take all necessary steps to ensure their agency provider complies with the statutory guidance set out in ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’ (KCSiE) and all other guidance governing work in regulated activity with children and young people.

Agencies are listed alphabetically, by company name.

Guide to Table:

a: agency name and address

b: key agency contact details

c: geographical areas covered/serviced by the agency

d: fixed daily fee charged by the agency – to be shown on the invoice/presented to the school in addition to teachers’ pay, agency overheads and costs. ***Please note, invoice values may be subject to VAT. Please confer directly with your chosen provider***

e: period of agency worker engagement after which no ‘Temp to Perm’ fee applies

f: are full vetting and background checks carried out by the agency, as per KCSiE guidance? ***Please note, Schools should seek written confirmation of this within SLA information, or similar***

g: PAYE or Umbrella payment arrangements?