School Insurance Schemes

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As a Council we take out numerous insurance policies to cover the many risks to which we are exposed in our everyday business. Each of the major types of insurance has its own page:

If you require information on any other policies listed, or have any general insurance queries, please contact the Risk, Insurance & Resilience Team.

This page details some general information, which will be useful for anyone dealing with the council's insurance.

Insurance cover

All insurance cover runs from 1 April to 31 March each year, apart from the optional Schools Travel insurance cover which runs from 31 October to 30 October each year.


There are legal timescales which have to be adhered to when dealing with insurance claims, as well as timescales which have been adopted as council policy. It is therefore imperative that any requests for information are dealt with as soon as possible in order that our insurers can adhere to the timescales and we as a council do not receive a fine, or are unable to submit our evidence in court.

Internal Theft and Vandalism Scheme

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Third Party Hirers' Liability Insurance

Guidance on lettings for school premises for private functions.

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